Edgestar 34 Bottle FreeStanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Edgestar 34 Bottle FreeStanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

The Edgestar 34 Bottle FreeStanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler is a high quality and well designed. Holding 34 bottles this wine cooler is designed for the serious sided wine collector.

There is nothing more important to a wine enthusiast and collector than making sure that your wine is stored conveniently, securely and at the perfect drinking and storage temperature.

The Edgestar 34 Bottle FreeStanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler provides these qualities as well as many other features and amenities. It is one of the best selling wine coolers on Amazon.com, where we discovered the cheapest price for this model online, in the freestanding wine cooler category.

Edgestar 34 Bottle FreeStanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler, wine cooler reviews

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The Edgestar 34 Bottle FreeStanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler is a medium sized stand alone wine cooler. It features great 2 temperature zones that allow you to store your red and white wines at separate optimal temperatures.

This wine cooler has a compressor driven cooling system that keeps the top zone cooler for white wines & champagne while running the bottom zone at warmer temperatures for red wine storage.


Compressor Driven Cooling System With Dual Zones: Two (2) temperature zones for optimal storage and temperature for both red and white wines. While the upper zone of the wine cooler maintains lower temps for white wines (41 to 54 degrees) the lower zone of the cooler sets at optimal temperature for your red wines (54 to 64 degrees)

Reversible Door Hinge: A great convenience and ability for options on where to store your wine cooler without concern of door clearance when opening and closing. Easy and quick process to change the wine coolers door hinges and opening direction.

Beautiful Modern Design – Streamline straight cut edges with a black finish and stainless steel trim. LED interior lighting and easy to remove wood trimmed storage racks give this unit a very chic and elegant appearance that add to the ambience of any room as well as match any decor with the black neutral color.

Consistent Cooling System: The compressor driven cooling system utilizes strong circulation fans that distribute the cool air evenly and throughout the entire interior cooling storage area so you will not experience hot spots or inconsistent location cooling and temperatures.

LED Control Display: A large and bright LED temperature display with soft to the touch controls that will allow you to easily set and monitor the temperatures for each zone easily and conveniently.

Security Door Lock: A built-in lock gives you a peace of mind in knowing that your collection is safe from theft even when you aren’t around.


Brand: Edgestar

Edgestar 34 Bottle Free Standing Wine Cooler

Model: CWF340DZ

Towel bar handle

Freestanding application

Wood trimmed wire wine bottle racks

Compressor-based cooling

Built-in security lock

Upper zone: 41-54 degrees F temperature range

Capacity: 34 standard wine bottles

Lower zone: 54-64 degrees F temperature range

Internal LED lighting

Reversible door

Input voltage: 115 V/60 Hz

LED control display

Power: 1.8 A/130 W

Dual temperature zonesWeight: 94 lbs

Warranty: 1 year parts; 90 days labor

Dimensions: 33 1/8″ H x 19 7/16″ W x 23 1/16″ D

Frequently Asked Questions About The Edgestar 34 Bottle FreeStanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler Answered:

“Can you build this wine cooler into cabinets, bars, etc..?”

Yes and no. Edgestar does not recommend building this unit in because it was designed as a freestanding wine cooler. However if you wanted to and have a skilled person to install it in a bar or other area it can be done, just be sure the unit is getting the proper air flow for the cooling system.

“If the power goes out will it restart when the power comes back on?”

Yes, the unit will automatically restart when your home’s power is restored.

“Can you set the entire cooling area to over 54 degrees if I want to store all red wines?”

No but you can store all reds if you don’t mind holding the bottom bottles at 54 degrees and pulling them out for 30 minutes before drinking if you want it a bit warmer at service.

“Are the storage shelves removable?”

Yes, they are easy to remove, adjust and clean

“How long is the warranty from the manufacturer?”

You can see full details of the warranty from Edgestar here: http://www.edgestar.com/manufacturers-warranty/SUPPORT_WARRANTY,default,pg.html



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About Edgestar:

Edgestar is a part of a larger company known as Living Direct, Inc. Who also owns and operates another appliance company known called KoldFront.

All of the products are based on providing a small convenience at a high quality level. Focusing on today’s busy lifestyle, they design their products with ease of use and access for the consumer in mind.

Edgestar has a very high customer satisfaction rating. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and provide a full time, very efficient and professional customer service and support department that is available 8-5 CST Monday through Friday for phone calls and you can email them 24/7 with a very rapid response during next day business hours.

One of the things we really love about Edgestars Customer Service is their website offers video tutorials, like the one above, on all of their products as well as downloadable product manuals here.

We love a company that goes above and beyond for their customers after the sale and we have found that Edgestar does just that. A big plus from our point of view. Good customer service is a game changer these days.


The Big 3 Factors To Consider When Thinking Of Purchasing The Edgestar 34 Bottle FreeStanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler

1) Design:

Holds up to 34 bottles with dual zones for red and white wine storage with white wine cooling zone on the bottom and red wine cooling zone on top. Very attractive and sturdy wooden trimmed wire shelving units give it an authentic old style wine cellar look and they are easy to remove for cleaning and so you can make room for larger wine bottles.

This unit has a nice straight edged modern looking design with a neutral colored black finish and stainless steel trim and door finish. We love the fact that the hinges are removable and reversible so you can choose which direction you want the door to open, which is so nice for decorating and coordinating planning. The handle is a cool designed towel bar style, so it not only looks good but is very convenient to grab hold of.

This door on this unit comes with a lock from the factory. We loved that and you will too knowing that your wine is always safe and secure when out of your site. Some wine collections are very expensive and the last thing you want is a $150 bottle to come up missing.

This is a free standing unit and NOT designed for built in use. If you want to look at built in ready wine coolers Look Here. The interior lighting is very soft but bright enough to illuminate for exterior viewing while not over lighting the room it is in. The digital display and soft touch temp controls are very accessible and conveniently located on the top right side of the front making controlling and monitoring mindless.

Overall a very nice modernly designed unit that has many conveniences paired with an attractive design. Hey, we love wine so you know we love good pairings!

2) Price:

Priced under $400.00 this unit will provide you a lot of value for your buck. Similar units with the same bottle capacity and functions as the Edgestar 34 Bottle FreeStanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler would cost you near $1000.00 or more. So for the money you’re not only getting a lot of wine storage space, you’re also getting a ton of extras and premium features that we explain in better detail above.

We realize this is not the absolute best 34 bottle wine cooler on the market, but we can safely say it is the best 34 bottle wine cooler on the market for less than $400.00 for sure.

3) Customer Service:

As with any appliance or mechanical operating product, things go wrong. Machines break. However if something ever goes wrong with this unit you have certainty that Edgestar customer service and support will be there for you, rapidly and professionally. They have a great reputation for customer service and will go above and beyond to correct any problems or issues their customers experience. Hopefully this will never be something you have to do with if you decide to purchase the Edgestar 34 Bottle FreeStanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler but in case it does. They’ll have you covered.

Their website is full of great content and information for all their products, from instructional demonstration videos, repair videos and full guides for all of their appliances. This is something very few of their competitors provide and gives them an edge in the market place.

Phone support is available Monday thru Friday and 24/7 via email where somebody will get back to you the next business day if you contact them after hours. If you’re considering purchasing an Edgestar product their customer service and support alone may be enough to help you decide to go with them.

What We Love About The Edgestar 34 Bottle FreeStanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler:

The cool looking wood storage shelves make it look like an old fashioned wine cooler, a plus in comparison to the standard wire shelving in typical wine coolers these days.

Very easy to access and view your wines

The convenience of dual zone cooling for red and white wines

The price is very much in range for a unit this size. A great value

Reversible hinges are always a plus on any refrigeration unit

Built in safety lock is a nice extra feature. A lot of wine coolers require you to install one after purchase, this one comes security ready.

Edgestar is a very reputable company that provides A+ customer service and support

What We Did Not Like About The Edgestar 34 Bottle FreeStanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Compressor unit can be a little louder than the quieter Thermoelectric cooling systems

All though the dual cooling zones is a nice feature, you cannot set the colder zone above 54 degrees if you wanted to store 34 bottles of red wine at a warmer temp.

This is a free standing only unit. Don’t get us wrong, it is a very nice and attractive piece of furniture but you cannot build it in if you wanted to because it is not designed for that and the ventilation system would not work properly. It needs to be in open air to work properly. Edgestar goes out of their way to let you know that.

Our Verdict On The Edgestar 34 Bottle FreeStanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler:

The main reason the Edgestar 34 Bottle FreeStanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler made our best of list is the quality and size of wine cooler you’re getting for an amazing value. If you’re a serious wine collector and the storage volume of 34 bottles fits your needs, this wine cooler gets our recommendation and approval.

We’re confident you will be very happy with this unit and satisfied with how much product you get for very little investment. Your wines worth it. I would not hesitate to purchase the Edgestar 34 Bottle FreeStanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler.

What Recent Purchasers Of The Edgestar 34 Bottle FreeStanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler Have To Say About It:

“Attract and Reasonably Priced Wine Refrigerator”

by Peter Coologeorgen

“5.0 out of 5 starsBeautiful product, I search online and read many reviews”

by Chad Dyjak

“Great Experience and Great Product”

By Luis Gutierrez

“So far, very pleased”

By Wayward Light

Where You Can Buy The Edgestar 34 Bottle FreeStanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler:

You can get the best price for this Edgestar 34 Bottle FreeStanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler on Amazon.com. Just Click Here and you will see the full product details page with reviews, questions and descriptions.

Edgestar 34 Bottle FreeStanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler , wine cooler reviews


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